Medical Skin Peels

Peeling has an important place in the treatment of CONGESTED, PROBLEMATIC SKIN, ACNE, ROSACEA and the intial treatment of THICK, ROUGH, COURSE SKIN (photodamaged).

I offer LACM Cool Peel, with no downtime, no burning, no redness. Your best alternative to Glycolic & Chemical Peels and more effective

Environs Cool Peels, rejuvenates the skin while caring for the epidermis. Unlike more aggressive peels which destroy important skin cells, this new protocol, developed by plastic surgeon and anti-ageing specialist Dr Des Fernandes, helps to stimulate healthy growth, with light, repetitive treatments.

A low concentration acid masque left on the skin for sufficient time has been shown to address lines, sun damage and problem skin effectively and comfortably. This achieves visibly smoother skin with minimal redness and no recovery time.The one hour Cool Peel salon treatment is recommended as a course of six, taken once weekly. The individually tailored treatment involves applying one or more layers of lactic acid cream masque (LACM2) which is left on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes. The treatment finishes with the application of a soothing, alginate masque through which a galvanic current is pulsed. This step aids the absorption of a vitamin A based gel which helps speed up the growth of epidermal cells, and leaves the skin feeling cool and looking refreshed.

Effects of Cool Peel

• Thicken epidermis

• Smooth wrinkles and lines

• Improve natural moisturising factors of the skin

• Improve skins radiance

• Reduce and prevent breakouts

• Lighten superficial pigmentation

• Reduce redness

• Reduce scarring


€60 per treatment, discount applied for recommened course of 6


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