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I use The Manicure Company for my Gel Polish applications (hands or feet).

The Manicure Company professional nail and manicure products have been meticulously formulated to the highest standards. Their products ensure a smooth, strong and beautiful nail enhancement is created each and every time.

Gel nail polish or Shellac has fast become the most widely used gel nail product in the industry. The Manicure Company professional gel nail polish collection consists of stunning, richly pigmented, smooth and opaque colours. I cure each shade under a LED light and applications last for a minimum of 14 days.

Gel Polish Hands or Feet €20

(removal - free of charge)


Gel polish is amazing but not indestructible... so how do you keep your Gel Polish manicure/ pedicure looking fresh for longer? Here are a few simple steps:

- Never pick or peel Gel Polish off as this can and will cause damage to the natural nail, lifting off layers which can take up to 3months to replenish

- Cracking of the polish can also occur when if your nails are brittle or weak; the polish cracks as the nail underneath bends too far. If you are worried about weak nails, we can use a gel overlay to give the nail extra strength or why not try a nourishing nail treatment like my professional skincare Manicure instead of the Gel Polish

- Wear rubber gloves when you do any gardening or household jobs as Gel Polish can be affected by bleaches and detergents which may cause lifting or peeling.

-Use cuticle oil at least twice a day to keep your cuticles moisturised and healthy; especially at night before going to bed and don’t forget your toes! Gel Polish is a porous polish which will allow the oil to seep through to the nail.

- Oily nails do not take to Gel polish very well. If the polish regularly lifts off a few days after application then the nail could be producing too much oil and these particular treatments may not be ideal for you. Lets chat & find an alternative that would be better suited to your nails

- Hormonal changes or medication may also affect your nail bed and as a result Gel Polish may not last as long as usual

- Chlorine may lift Gel Polish, please keep that in mind while using swimming pools or Jacuzzis

- Sun tan lotions and insect repellent might also cause lifting of Gel Polish - wash hands thoroughly after applying or avoid them directly touching your nails

I am more than happy to repair (free of charge) any problems you notice after your Gel Polish application within 48hours of your original appointment as these could be the result of a faulty product or incorrect application.

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